My Comic-books


Here is the list of comicbooks I have done. I started self-publishing with “Fantasiens Melodi” which was my first published comic. And until 2006 I self-published 6 comicbooks. But then in 2010 Accent UK published my book “The Man Of Glass”, followed by “TheTroll” in 2015 and “The Lizard in 2017.

In 2022 the Troll was published in danish from Arkimedes Forlag and now, here in 2024, “En hemmelighed” was published from Afart.

En hemmelighed

Martin Flink, En Hemmelighed, Cover, En Hemme-lig-hed, tegneserie, comics-book

Er græsset altid grønnere på den anden side?
Selvom vi bord side om side, ved vi sjældent hvad der rigtigt foregår bag de lukkede døre og nedrullede gardiner. Og nogle gange kan de stille hemmelighedere være mere skræmmende end vi tør tro på.

32 sider, s/h, Hardcover
22×29,5 cm
ISBN: 978-87-92624-81-9
Afart (2024)


Martin Flink, Trolden, Cover, tegneserier, comic-book

En dreng går på opdagelse i skoven omkring sommerhuset og vækker en af skovens skjulte skabninger fra dens dybe søvn.
Vil dette møde bringe venskab eller farefuldt fjendskab med sig.

Denne historie blev til i samarbejde med min den gang 6-årige søn Malthe, mens vi befandt os i et sommerhus, dybt i de svenske skove.

Trolden er en dansk genudgivelse af “The Troll” udgivet af Accent UK i 2015.

32 sider, fuld farve, Hardcover
21×27,5 cm
ISBN: 978-87-7543-038-3
Tilladt for alle
Arkimedes forlag (2022)

Heavy Metal kravlenisser

Hvad ville det ondeste nisse-heavy-band kalde sig selv? De kan kun hedde “KRAMPUS”. De bedste kravlenisser til enhver juleglad heavy-fans Jule-samling.

Ark (A3) med med heavymetal kravlenisser. Basist, guitarrist, sanger og trommeslager. Trykt på 250 g syrefrit papir.

29,7 x 42 cm
Tilladt for alle

The Lizard

The Lizard by Martin Flink, comics-book, cover

Three stories, three generations and one building. A young woman having an awkward first date, a priest with the gift of healing and an old lady looking back at the times she had with her beloved husband, that left this world all too soon.
And in one night they all connect with the help of a lizard and a moment of change.

The Lizard (english)
92 pages, full color
ISBN 978-1-910796-2
2017 from Accent UK

The Troll

The Troll. A comic-book by Martin Flink, published by Accent UK.

A boy’s playful walk disturbs one of the forest’s hidden creatures, but will this discovery bring friendship or danger?

This all-ages book was imagined in collaboration with my son Malthe. This was one of the stories we invented together at night, when he needed to fall asleep.

“The Troll” website

The Troll (english)
48 pages, full color
ISBN 978-0-9572194-5-8
2015 from Accent UK

Previews Order-code: AUG15 0933


The Man Of Glass

The Man of Glass by Martin Flink

Once he had it all. A boxing career, god friends, a beautiful girlfriend and family. But 30 years later he sits on a park-bench with his beer and two plastic bags, wherein he caries all that he owns. What went wrong?

The Man of glass is the story of what I fear, and what I see happening all the time around me. People loosing their grip on life, sometimes getting back on track and sometimes not. It’s about the beauty of life, and the fear that follows it.

A special thanks to Jess Jensen for the wonderful music he made specially to accompany this book. Go watch the trailer, and listen to the music. It made the comic and the trailer complete.

The Man Of Glass (English)
42 pages, full color
2010 from Accent UK

Previews Order-code: OCT100732

C’ets Bon anthology vol. 10

I did the cover for this volume of C’est Bon Anthology, and there is a little sneak-paek of my newest comic-projekt “Lizard”.
Besides that, this installment of C’est Bon Anthology is packed with great works by artists like Mari Ahokoivu (FI) (of wich is my favorite of vol. 10), Davide Catania (IT), Loka Kanarp (SE), Ib Kjeldsmark (DK), Leo Scherfig (DK), Simon Diamant Silfverberg (SE)
Theme: Apocrypha

ISBN: 978-91-978089-4-1

The Troll


The Troll is a short wordless comics about a boy discovering and making friends with a huge troll, living in the woods surrounding his and his families vacation-home.

The Troll is published as a part of the Cestbon Anthology no.7, amongst fine artists like Niklas Asker, Mattias Elftorp,Vassilis Gogtzilia, Chad Verrill and many more.

The Troll – Cestbon Anthology 7 (English)
19 pages



epilepsy by Martin Flink

“Epilepsi” (Epileptic) is the first in a series of minicomics about myself, growing up in the small town of Farum, about 20 km from Copenhagen.
“Epilepsi” is the telling of me and the epileptic secures I had as a child, how I experienced them, and about the fear of them.

Epilepsi (Danish)
12 pages, B/W


Robotten cover

“Robotten” (The Robot)  is the second mini-comic about memories from my childhood. It tells the story about the robot-costume my father made for me, my first year at school. Its about imagination, excitement and the power-fantasy, rumbling inside the head of a boy at the age of seven. “Robotten” is dedicated to my father.

Robotten (Danish)
8 pages, B/W

Utopia 1 & 2

Utopia1 and Utopia 2 covers

Utopia 1 and 2, are collections of short comicstories, all within the theme of “Love, Humans and Machines”.

Utopia 1 collects two stories. “Organisk Mekanisk” (Organic Mechanic), and the wordless “Uskyldens vinger” (Wings of incense).

“Organisk Mekanisk” tells the story of how hard it can be to take the final step, and ask a girl out. Especially if you don’t even know her name.

“Uskyldens Vinger” is my wordless visualization of what it feels like, to loose the first love of your life.

Utopia 2 contains the two comics, “Prisen” (The Price) and “Maskiner” (Machines).

“Prisen” a story of revenge. When your girlfriend is cheating on you, what then are you capable of, if you get an offer to get revenge. What would you do? How much anger can you channel through your feelings? Could you kill, if you had the chance?

“Maskiner” is the story of a changing world. A world where technology sneaks into our lives. And we can’t do anything about it.
“Maskiner” is based on my own fear of technologies like  computers and  mobile-phones. Can we live without them anymore?

Utopia (Danish)
32 pages, B/W and 2-color

Utopia 2 (Danish)
28 pages, B/W and color

Fantasiens Melodi

Fantasiens Melodi cover

“Fantasiens Melodi” (The Melodi of the Fantasy) is a modern fabel, about finding a reason to be.
An satyr lurks around  the narrow streets of Copenhagen. He has lost his friends, and the songs that delivers fantasy to the humans, is of no use anymore. Humans don’t use there fantasy anymore. So what is his purpose? By accident he kills a woman that crosses his way, and suddenly he has found his reason to be, again.

Fantasiens Melodi (Danish)
12 pages, B/W