The interview is out


It’s out. The interview of me at “Tales From the Parents Basement”, about “the Man Of Glass”. But my God was I nervous or what! So keep that in mind when you listen to it.

But they where good to me and it came out quite well. So, go get the Podcast and hear my trembling voice.

Get the Podcast: Tales From the Parents Basement – Issue 66

Go to there website: Tales From the Parents Basement

The Man Of Glass – Allmost done


Hey there

I have been working hard on The Man Of Glass, and have been neglecting this blog for all too long. But here is a little update on the progress of The Man Of Glass.

I´m now doing color-effects, light and shadow, and is currently working on page 26. At the same time I´m re-editing the trailer in color, with Final Cut Express, and hope to be done within 2-3 weeks.

Below is a sample of some of the final coloring of the book.