Kevin O’Neill at 2010


Kevin O’Neill is the co-creator of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and among the finest and most original artists working in comics today., Fahrenheit and Fantask are proud to announce O’Neill’s participation in the 2010 Festival!

The British artist started his career in comics at the age of 16 working as an office boy at the publishing company ICP. This earned him a position as a colourist and when the company decided to launch a science fiction title, he asked to be a part of it. The title was the now legendary, British anthology series 2000AD, and O’Neill worked on the cover for the very first issue. At 2000AD he worked on such titles as Future Shocks, Tharg the Mighty and Ro-Busters with writer Pat Mills. With Mills he also co-created the character Nemesis, which soon became one of 2000AD’s most popular characters.

Later on O’Neill went freelance and started doing work for DC Comics. One of the earliest stories was a collaboration with the soon to be legendary British writer, Alan Moore in an issue of Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2. The story got into trouble with the Comic Code Authorities, who deemed the entire style of O’Neill’s artwork to be offensive and objectionable.

Once again working with Pat Mills, O’Neill went on to created the dark character Marshall Law – another controversial creation. The story revolves around a government sanction hero hunter and the series is a rather extreme and grotesque take on the superhero myth.

In 1999 O’Neill got the biggest break in his career, when he co-created The League of Extraordiary Gentlemen with Alan Moore. A kind of exploration of the origins of the superhero myth set in a steam punk universe using famous characters from world litterature, the series became a massive hit and has since spawned a number of sequels, all created by the gentlemen Moore and O’Neill. In 2009 the first issue of the third mini series was published. With League of Extraordinary O’Neill’s artwork has proven to be both rich, original and wonderfully detailed, and it is hard to imagine Moore doing the book with any other artist.

Kevin O’Neill is presented in association with Fahrenheit and Fantask.

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