Bild & Bubbla 184 – About maus


If you live in Scandinavia, read comics and don’t know about Bild & Bubbla, then SHAME ON YOU!
Bild & Bubbla is probably the biggest and best comic-book magazine in Scandinavia. This reason issue is centered around Art Speigelman’s MAUS. Its full of great articles and artwork and gives a good overview of what is happening in the Scandinavian world of comics.

I’m so happy to be among so many great artist making their tribute to Art Spiegelmans masterpiece MAUS in this issue. And I can only encourage everyone who can read swedish to pick up Bild & Bubbla issue 184.

You can find out more about Bild & Bubbla and much more at

Bild & Bubbla 184, Maus, Martin Flink, Fanny M Bystedt

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