D&D adventure art


Doing some artwork for a D&D adventure I’ve being writing over the last couple of weeks. 

Low fantasy world of my own design, called NORHD. The same world I used the first time I DM’ed all the way back in 1988. 

But now updating it for D&D 5E. 

Gina Wynebrandt in Danish


I did the Danish hand-lettering, Graphic-design, dpt and prepress on this wonderful book.
The book is printed in two Pantone colours, but with added gloss and metallics on the cover.

Funny fantastic book,.. will look forward to seeing more from Ginas hand in the future.

Published by Cobolt and Forlæns.
Bye the book here “Er der ikke nogen der gider bolle mig please”

Gina Wynebrandt - Er der ikke nogen der gider bolle mig please. Design and hand-lettering by Martin Flink