At 2008


This year, for the first time, i was not involved in the arrangements arround the festival. And for the first time, I could really enjoy the festival.

It was really greate to see you all again there. And a special thanks to the guys at Accent UK for showing interest in my work, and just being the good guys they are.

Here is som pictures from the 2008 festival:

It was great to see all the people waiting to get ind, right from the start, saturday morning.

There were people reading comics everywhere.

Lots of people, lots of comics. What can I say, I just love it.

The fine guys from Accent UK

Allan Haverholm signing his comic “Sortmund” (Blackmouth), side by side with Dany (France)

Henrik Rehr always at work.

Rasmus Klump giving me a hug. Thanks Thomas 🙂