Lizard – page 60 – Acting on paper


This page is the first in a series of very challenging pages. No big action, no frames, only me trying to act out feelings on paper.

This is a scene of memory’s, and therefore no frames. If I had frames to work with I could rely on showing one state of emotion after the other, without worrying too much about readability. But with no frames I have to act out the scene in a flowing motion. Or that was at least my hopes.

I love this kind of challenge. Because for me at least, it is the most difficult. Drawing emotions is a lot of small hints, movement and expressions, put together to form an overall feeling of emotions. It is the small things that count.

I Think it’s hard to do, and I love it. It’s what fascinates me with people, and those very talented artists who masters it. Need I mention any names? Ok I will. Will Eisner, Craig Thomson, Prado and Dave McKean is just some of the really good ones in my opinion.

To read


After a quick trip to my lokal comic-pusher, the greate comicshop in the middle of Copenhagen “Fantask”, my to-read pile grew a few inches again.

I’m most exited about reading “french Milk” and the “eccex county” trillogy of witch I only have gotten volumes 1 and 3. I hope to get a hold of volume 2 before I get to it, reading through my reading pile.

The Man Of Glass – Colors, colors, colors


Still working my way through the task of coloring my comic, The Man Of Glass. Seems to go smoother now. Think I´m getting the hang of it. I´m now at page 11. And below you can see one of the panels.

I think I will be going through all the pages, and adding som gradients and small details, when they are all done. And maybe colorgrade some off the panels, just to add to the feeling of the pages.

Childrens Comic: The Troll


About a year ago I began developing a concept for a children’s-comic, together with my son. And now i´m finally in the process of drawing the story. It´s quite a different experience than “The Man Of Glass”, witch was planed, to the last detail. This is a free-form work, Where I just play my way through the story.

Below you can see some of the pages that I have done all ready.